Cosmo Cricket Snorkel Cardset

Hi Everyone

This is possibly my favorite project I have created all year!!

This card-set was created using the AWESOME Snorkel Collection from Cosmo Cricket. Sadly - it is no longer available for purchase - though I have found some bits and pieces at my local store that I am hoarding like a squirrel in a nut-shortage!

Dawn won a blog giveaway of mine and I had HEAPS of fun creating a card-set for her! She is a cooool chick from Texas, and a quick google check tells me it is pretty sunny year round there, so no snowmen cards happening here!

Here is the folder I created to hold the cards and goodies.

So much fabulous material to work with with these awesome border elements too!

I have used this collection heaps for creating kids albums and cards, but never adults but when I dug out the stickers and these fabulous elements - I knew there was potential for a fun-packed adult project too!

I hope Dawn likes them!

Post a comment with any questions :-)



  1. Lowri!!! It's all incredible and gorgeous and fabulous and I can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

  2. Your card folders are absolutely amazing! I would love to know how to make them. It looks pretty simple, but how do you make the pockets inside?
    I LOVE your has been so inspiring. All of your projects are so beautiful!

  3. Have you posted a tutorial on how to create the inside pieces to hold the cards? It looks so brilliant and professional Lowri.. i adore this set!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. xoxox


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