Baby Mini Album & Tutorial

Hi Everyone - I have a mini album to show you today. Super easy and super economical as you can make it from one single sheet of 12x12 paper. Make sure you read to the end to see a picture tutorial on how it's made!

I made this for sister (she's the one having the baby BTW!)so she could show her new baby pics of all his/her cousins! She is in the UK - which is a long way from New Zealand - so I wanted to send something really personal..
This was made with the actual collection (as opposed to the digital collection)and I kept decoration inside to a simple photo mat as I really wanted the photos to stand out
A few stickers, rubons, chipboard piece is all you need to keep the look simple and fresh..

I have seen a few of these on the internet, but not many with good pictures - so I hope this makes the process of making one of these albums easy to follow!
  1. Take a piece of 12”x12” paper
  2. Trim off four inches from one side, leaving 1 piece 12”x8” and 1 piece 12”x4”
  3. Take the 12”x8” piece and fold in half length ways and width ways
  4. Fold up the two shorter sides to meet in the middle, making 8 segments all  3”x4”
  5. Using a sharp knife – make a cut as shown through the paper
  6. Fold the paper at the remaining intact fold and using the folds as a guide create a book!
  7. Glue pages together as shown at a, b and c to create 3 pages of double thickness paper and 2 covers of single thickness
  8. Take your remaining 12x4” piece and glue to one side of the book
  9. Turn book over and crease at the spine of the book firmly before gluing the other side of the cover. This will ensure a neat finish and mean there is enough paper over the spine to allow the book to open freely
  10. Trim off the excess paper from the cover with a sharp knife
  11. Your book is complete and ready to decorate
  12. IDEAS – you can round the corners, or before gluing the centre pages together, cut out a shape using a die cutting machine or punch and place acetate between the pages for a window.

Whenever I try a project like this for the first time, I use scrap paper so I can mark up right sides, wrong sides, measurements etc. I can play around with it and experiment without ruining any really nice paper!

Here are another couple of examples:
Hope you give this a go as it's so quick and easy to create a couple in an evening for a quick gift.

More tomorrow - so stay tuned!
Lowri :-)


  1. This is such a gorgeous wee mini album. Will definately be making one of these. Great theme for the week as I'm in baby mode at the moment. Thanks heaps for the extra inspiration.

  2. What a beautiful paper, i really like the colours! Thanks for the tutoral i will try it by myself! I am sure yr sister will be happy with this album!

  3. This is a fantastic project!!! It looks easy but I'm sure I'll mess those edges up. LOVE this idea!

  4. What a charming album and thanks for the tutorial

  5. Very cool, never seen this in this size. I've done a 3X3 like this. Love this size though :)

  6. Made one of these last night...great tutorial,easy to understand, made mine blue will be filling it with pics of my nephew.
    Thanks Lowri.

  7. This is great. I have seen a lot of these made, but I love seeing new twists on the same idea. I like your cover, the way it would strengthen the book a bit. :-)

  8. This is really nice. My fave so far! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Another fab idea, I have just found your blog - but you are definitely going to be a blog I often visit.

  10. Great tutorial, I can actually follow it! Thanks for creating it.

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial. This is very cute and i've never done a mini before so I'm going to have to try one.

  12. This looks pretty darn good to me! I hope I can do this. Great tip to use practice paper first.
    thanks for the lesson.

  13. Your tutorials are GREAT! I love these quick simple ideas! Makes scrapping much less time consuming....makes you feel like you can do a quickie cute gift w/o spending a day on it!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing.. I've just made one in less than 15 mns... so fun and so easy !

  15. I love this idea for a baby book! I am due in May with my first girl and this would be such a cute gift for the grandparents! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea!! I am also a follower of your blog now!!


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