Everything's coming up Cosmo!

Hi Everyone

First off - I have decided this year to try and enter some manufacturer challenges! Not being a traditional scrapbooker (12x12 is a REALLY big space!!)it's awesome to find a manufacturer willing to open up the opportunity to a little interpretation.

The January challenge at Cosmo Cricket - was all about January! Of course we are in the middle of summer here so I thought I would brighten it up with a kinda fun beach-mini!
I feel a little guilty trying to brighten up the January blues - as I waited all day today for it to stop raining so I could take the pics of the album BUT all the pics inside were taken this month!

I have a tutorial as to how to make this mini here and it's super easy!!

I made this mini for my mum who had to leave NZ early this month to go back to the dreary weather in the UK!
Here are a couple of close-ups of the mini-album..

This line from Cosmo Cricket is such a favorite of mine. I have also used it in the past for a funky retro project, so it's not just suitable for child-related projects... Check out my card-set I made as a blog giveaway..

Lowri :-)


  1. Hi Lowri,
    Thanks for your sweet comment and for your nomination. I just finished nominating you as well. Can you believe that the lovely folks at Cosmo Cricket are going to have to wade through all of those comments?

  2. gosh i really really love your mini! so glad to find it through cosmo cricket! (:

  3. CUTE mini and card sets! LOVE the Snorkel line!

  4. This is so bright and cheery. I love the design. Love it. :)

  5. Super cute album! I'm sure your mom will love it when she's back to winter in the UK.

  6. amazing job. I love the bright cheery colors and embellies. Love it all.

  7. LOVEEEE this gorgeous bright mini... I adore that snorkel pp!

  8. Oh, I love both of your projects!!! I just came over from the Paper Issues blog to check them out and I am so glad I did!!!! I bet your mom loves your mini and the gift set is genius!!! Totally have to try that idea!!!

  9. Here from Paper Issues, but I've visited with you before. I adore mini albums and your are always so creative and fun!


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