Cosmo Cricket Mini Album & Printing onto Canvas

Hi Everyone

I am excited about this project as it was the first one in a while I did purely for fun and - I did it purely for me! It is my entry to the latest Cosmo Cricket Challenge and I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

This challenge had a lot of requirements (in blue)and I think I have covered them all!

Create your own 'die-cut' background: whether this is hand-cut, or die-cut with a machine, your background paper has to be a custom made background!
I created this album from scratch using my Spellbinders Christmas Tree dies, double sided sticky chipboard and papers from Cosmo Cricket's Social Club collection.

Your layout must include 3 pictures, any size you wish
I have incorporated 3 full page pictures (more about those later) and 3 smaller pictures (also cut with Spellbinders) into the album

I want to see at least one paper punch/decorative scissor used
Tad tricky this one - but I have have used my maple leaf punch to add some dimension and a splash of color to my pages

You must include fabric of some sort on your page :D Fabric is always so fun to work with!
I am pretty pleased with this one! All of my photos are printed onto canvas. It took a little trial and error but I found out that the best results were from the the plain paper, draft quality settings. I then used my spellbinders to cut the page and backed the canvas with patterned paper for strength

I want to see either some Ready Set Chip or Tiny Type stickers!
I found this sentiment sticker on the bottom of my Tiny Type numbers and it was the perfect title for my family album. I love how they are pretty much invisible on any background 

You need to have more than 3 Cosmo Cricket Patterned Papers on your layout!
No problem there! Most of this album was made using the 6x6 paper pad as the mini version of the prints gave a lovely green, country feel.

And lastly I want to see some buttons! Any amount will do as long as it is more than one.
These buttons from the Social Club collection co-ordinate perfectly. I have added some string for stems and pearls to the centers to create some flowers

This was really fun to do and I am so happy to finally have made something for myself!

If you have young kids, be sure to check back later this week as I have a great idea coming up for making your own dinosaur fossils!

Lowri :-)



  1. LOVE your album, such a creative use of the Christmas Tree die!!

  2. SO beautiful! I love the pictures printed on canvas! Pinned!

  3. Yet another great idea - a Christmas tree! Who would have thought to use it upside down. Perfect idea!

  4. Wow those are definitely tough requirements ! Your mini looks great !

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! LOVE the colors you choose and all the details are amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the color palette.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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