Back to School Mini & Gift Box Tutorial

Hi Everyone

I have the last of my Little Yellow Bicycle projects using the Head of the Class Collection to share today. I have had a wonderful time working with Little Yellow Bicycle and I couldn't have asked for a more positive and enjoyable experience for my first time working directly for a manufacturer.
I have two new ideas to share today.

Back to School Album

Here I have taken a simple generic chipboard album and covered each side of the pages with patterned paper from the collection. I glued the album page to the paper and then using a very sharp craft knife I cut around the edge. I have used a solvent glue as I find it does not warp the paper and clean up of any that spills around the edges is so easy. I then used a piece of very fine grit sandpaper to smooth the edge and add some definition.

I have then decorated each page using a variety of embellishments. I was so spoilt for choice here as there is such a wide selection to choose from!

With such a collection of embellishments these pages can come together really quickly. I have kept all the pages really simple to let the products shine through.

This cover has lots of dimension with embellishments layered on top of one another and I have to say that the Red Numbers paper print was probably my favourite in the collection.

Gift Box (with tutorial)

This box has been made using 2 whole sheets of 12x12 paper. I first saw this technique used last year to make paper drawers for an origami box and the box can be made to any size. I generally cut the paper for the base of the box to ½” smaller all round than the lid (for example - an 8”x8” lid has an 7.5”x7.5” base) You can see a tutorial I created last year below.

The flower on top was made using one of these wonderful Canvas Stickers seen below.

I simply removed the backing to the adhesive strip, made the strip non-sticky using some anti-static stamping powder, hand-sewed a running stitch along the straight edge and carefully gathered the flower together to form a circle. I then just added a couple of embellishments to the centre and Voila!- a perfect topper for a teacher’s gift! I have had this red twill tape for ages –it is from Moda Fabrics and I have never had a chance to use it before. I love to look at sewing shops for little pieces like this to brighten up my scrapbook projects.  

Please post a comment with any questions.


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  1. How awesome is that BOX tutorial!!!!! The blue paper is perfect- PERFECT- with the red ribbon and yellow star. I am SO going to buy this whole collection! I already fell in love with those CUTE star pins! Knocking the projects right out the ballpark AGAIN Lowri!!!

  2. My favorite is the canvas strip flower! Great idea Lowri.

  3. Love your projects, especially the mini albums. I often have problems with warping paper and have tried adhesive sprays which are good but a bit messy. Which solvent glue do you use?

  4. Hi Leanne - Thanks for the compliment!
    I see you are in New Zealand so that's an easy question! I use the "Crafters Glue" from Spotlight - they have a large selection and it is the one in the purple themed bottle.
    Lowri :-)

  5. Thanks Lowri. I've been following you via RSS feeds for about 10 months and now I'm following you via Friend Connect. Thanks for the Glue tip am off to Spotlight tomorrow. :-)

  6. You rock!!! How amazing is that mini!!! Your canvas strip flower is genius!! =)

  7. Love the mini album, the box and the cute flower! Nice job!

  8. Perfect that is so great! I am definitely going to use that for my jewelry this Christmas. Popping in from we are having a startup giveaway right now :)

  9. Cute!!!!

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