Not your Average Valentines Cards!

Hi Everyone. A couple of Valentines Cards today using the wonderful Circa 1934 Collection from Cosmo Cricket.

This collection is one of my favourites and is so versatile. Here I have threaded the paper through the chipboard piece for a 3D effect. I saw this done somewhere on a stamped image but I cannot remember where - so sorry if this original idea was yours!
Speaking of Valentines - I am definitely NOT a pink person - so finding some "love" elements in this collection was a pleasant surprise.  I am not a big card-maker either, I always try and over complicate things so this time I went completely the opposite direction. These are so simple and were super-quick to make.

Typewriter are everywhere at the moment - I have seen heaps of new CHA releases jumping on the bandwagon - which is great as I LOVE the retro look. 

Another typewriter image. I love these bold colours - great for making a Valentines Card for a man..
This last one is so simple again - but all the colours just work so well together.
Here are a couple of close-ups

Remember to tune into to the Artfull Crafts blog later on this evening as we are launching our new schedules and you will have the chance to participate, feature on the blog and win some great prizes!

Lowri :-)

Simple Gift Album Idea

Hi Everyone - just a quick post to show you another super simple album! This uses quite a bit of patterned paper BUT at a time when so many companies are coming out with fantastic new releases (check out this link to see them all) it's nice to be able to use some up some older collections (papers and all the half used embellishments!) without feeling guilty! 

For this first book I have used my leftovers from the Paper Doll Collection by Crate Paper

The idea of this album is that the recipient can add photos, bits and pieces of memorabilia etc - it's a very casual concept!  There are spots for writing, journalling etc.

This one was for a friends daughter who is just turning three - it will be heaps of fun for them to add to.
I have made a couple of these before using up leftovers from collections - and it's quite a cathartic process knowing you are using great materials for a gift - and not feeling guilty about using up all the best embellishments from a kit!

Heaps of fun coming up over the next few weeks on the Artfull Crafts blog so please make sure you check in! 

We will have the opportunity to win a Guest Design Team Spot, featured artists and challenges each month with fantastic inspiration and prizes!

Lowri :-)

Lovely Lemons! (Gift Tag and Jar)

Hi Everyone - I love lemons and here are a few ideas including making your own Preserved Lemons and covering a plain jar lid with paper.

Making the Covered Lids
You can see my tutorial for making the covered lids below.
The only difference is that this time I did not wrap the paper u
nderneath the lid as I didn’t want to compromise the seal of the jar. I just cut the circle of paper a little smaller and used a paper strip to cover the paper edges – you can see that step in the pictures below. If you take a look at the tutorial it will become obvious!

Here are the finished results.
Covered lid

Gift tag

Making Preserved Lemons
Here is the tutorial on how to make the lemons..
  1. Gather lemons, salt and a jar
  2. Top and tail lemons and then cut each lemon ¾ way through, turn over, rotate 90 degrees and repeat cut
  3. Fill cuts generously with salt
  4. Pack lemons into jar using tops to fill in any gaps
  5. Top up jar with lemon juice. Add flavorings such as fresh bay leaves, cinnamon quills, peppercorns…
  6. Leave for one month and then use the rind to flavor dishes. Use the flesh too for an extra lemon hit! 
I store these in the fridge and they last for ages!

Recipe Idea
Here is a finished dish using the lemons. It was wonderful with grilled chicken and spinach salad!

Couscous is a great, cheap store-cupboard ingredient that only takes minutes to make. The variety I buy simply requires the addition of one cup of boiling water or stock to one cup of couscous but just follow the instructions on your packet. The key to tasty couscous lies in the additional ingredients you add as it is one of those wonderful ingredients that absorbs and takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it.

This recipe is a wonderful low-fat accompaniment to grilled fish, chicken or even a hearty stew.

For this recipe, to the basic couscous I added:

1 whole preserved lemon (chopped)
2 thinly sliced scallions (spring onions)
1 thinly sliced chili (more if you really need warming up!)
Grated rind of one lemon
Chopped parsley/coriander
Thinly sliced red onion
Squeeze of lemon
Glug of olive oil
Lots of salt and pepper
Serves 3-4
Lowri :-)

Cosmo Cricket Crazy!

Hi Everyone

Thought I would showcase some of my Cosmo Cricket projects today - to see all my latest Cosmo Cricket projects - click HERE!

Click on the caption underneath to go the relevant blog post for more details on the projects. Heaps of them have tutorials too.

Snorkel Card-Set





I would love YOUR vote!~

THANKS - Lowri :-)

Everything's coming up Cosmo!

Hi Everyone

First off - I have decided this year to try and enter some manufacturer challenges! Not being a traditional scrapbooker (12x12 is a REALLY big space!!)it's awesome to find a manufacturer willing to open up the opportunity to a little interpretation.

The January challenge at Cosmo Cricket - was all about January! Of course we are in the middle of summer here so I thought I would brighten it up with a kinda fun beach-mini!
I feel a little guilty trying to brighten up the January blues - as I waited all day today for it to stop raining so I could take the pics of the album BUT all the pics inside were taken this month!

I have a tutorial as to how to make this mini here and it's super easy!!

I made this mini for my mum who had to leave NZ early this month to go back to the dreary weather in the UK!
Here are a couple of close-ups of the mini-album..

This line from Cosmo Cricket is such a favorite of mine. I have also used it in the past for a funky retro project, so it's not just suitable for child-related projects... Check out my card-set I made as a blog giveaway..

Lowri :-)

Wedding Album (Kaiser/Cosmo Cricket)

Hi Everyone

Valentines day is coming up and starting on January 15th there will be a new Paper Issues Challenge for you to link up all your wonderful Valentines related projects.  Anything remotely romantic goes - so keep an eye out for the new post!

Tina's Wedding Album
A good friend of mine got married last year in Canada - and unfortunately I was unable to go.
Tina took some amazing photos for me and my husband at our informal wedding a few years ago and hopefully this album will go some way to returning the favour!
 I have included their actual invitation as part of the album and added a chipboard at the front for an extra romantic feel.
I have used a Kaisercraft BTP album as the base and the Cosmo Cricket Ever After Collection
This was a really fun project - and almost made me feel like I was there to share their wonderful day!

Lowri :-)

Mini Album (Maya Rd & Basic Grey)

Hi Everyone
Another Christmas gift I made here - this time using a Maya Road chipboard album and Basic Grey's Origins Collection.
I left the album blank and gave the recipient heaps of embellishments from the same collection allowing them to use it for whatever purpose they liked.
I had to re-make the front cover as once I adhered the paper to the pages, the cover would not close at all!  I love the Maya Road products - but I have only just started using them - so maybe a bit of practice on my part would make it easier..
This project came together really quickly and I loved the fact that all the hard work was done - and the gift recipient could just add pictures or notes whenever they pleased.

This Basic Grey collection is gorgeous and like all of their collections there is a huge variety of papers and embellishments available.

More soon - hope you are keeping safe if you are in Australia.

Lowri :-)

WINNER of Baby Blog Giveaway

Hi Everyone
Have just completed my draw for winner of the giveaway! Just so you know how I did it I took all the comments (and numbered them 1-65)and then all the new followers-(and numbered them twice each 66-93) and the winner was -
Number 35 - which was Christine who commented here.

Christine - please get in touch with me at so I can send you all the goodies below!

Thanks again everyone for commenting this week - it's been great to read the comments and even better to discover new blogs of wonderfully creative people along the way.

Lowri :-)

Baby $2 Altered Magnetic Frame PLUS Tutorial

Hi Everyone

Another really easy and economical idea today - and one you can probably do RIGHT NOW if you hunt around on your fridge! Not IN your fridge you understand - ON your fridge! I have a tutorial at the end so you can see how I made these - they are really quick and easy.

I have made this gorgeous little magnetic photo frame for my sister with the same Cosmo Cricket Earth Love collection - with the background paper from Crate Paper.
I have just put the patterned paper inside for the photo, but she will be able to put a little pic of her newborn in it and slap it anywhere metal!
I have used the Earth Love rub-ons for the decoration as they are so soft and subtle. They were very easy to apply over the mod-podge (see tutorial below)

One thing to mention that I have not covered n the steps below - if your frame has a very shiny surface, rough it up before the first step with some sandpaper to take the shine off and let the mod-podge stick better. Even better - just see if you can peel the top shiny layer off!
I hope you will give this a go and link back your projects here in the comments so I can see how it turned out!

Here are a couple of extra pics of all the gifts together. If you want to have a closer look or see the tutorials and learn how they were made- simply check my blog posts from earlier in the week...

Thanks - Lowri :-)

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