Kaisercraft - Design Team 2011-2012

Hi Everyone

You may have noticed a few posts recently using exclusively Kaisercraft products! This post represents my application for their Design Team for 2011 - 2012. You can also see all my posts using Kaisercraft products by following this link.

I have linked back to my original blog post in both the title and photo caption of each project so you can see additional photos and information for each item. 

Home Decor / Storage Items
This is one of the most recent BTP projects I have completed and it was a real pleasure to work with this collection of papers and embellishments. There is so much colour and variety ranging from classic to kitschy - definitely something for everyone! 
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Kaisercraft Wooden Flourishes are some of my favourite products to work with. They look stunning straight out of the packet for a natural feel that co-ordinates with pretty much any style and the ways of decorating them are endless. Here I have used a mix of paint, stamps, ribbon and rhinestones.
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This Chest of Drawers set is my favourite BTP release EVER! The possibilities for decoration are endless and they really are a project you can put together in an evening
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Mini Albums 
Mini Album - (Secret Bird Society)
I finished this 70th birthday album just last week and it was a very special gift for a very special someone. I use the Secret Bird Society and Up, Up and Away Papers to decorate the blank pages of the book and added heaps of black and white photos and journaling spots.
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Mini Album - (Lush)
This simple folded mini is a staple of mine! It's simple and a great way to use up scraps of paper. I have made these albums in various sizes and they always look great. Lush is a gorgeous collection - the colours are just wonderful.
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Mixed Media / Altered Art
This idea for this project was born as soon as I saw this "Show and Tell" paper. I laminated the individual letters so that when my kids are older, they can practice writing their letters on the reverse with a whiteboard pen.
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I made these magnets last year and I have been waiting for ages for the perfect collection with which to create a tutorial. They are super-fun and a great way to use up your little scraps of paper.
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My eldest son starts school this year, so making these desk accessories was the perfect excuse to use this Class of '87 range. I had heaps of fun picking out items he would enjoy using on his desk at home.
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Magnetic Frames (Seaside)
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One of my Christmas projects from last year, these were inspired by a re-cycling website I saw. Perfect for homemade gifts, treat jars, shower gifts - the possibilities for this technique are endless.
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Card and Notebook Set - (Nan's Favourites)
I love this card and notebook set! The paper worked perfectly with the Kraft cardstock base and the Kitschy feel just makes this such a fun gift.
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I don't often make cards and when I do I like to compensate for my lack of card design skills by making my cards either 3-D or interactive! I really liked these cards I made last Christmas and I provided an original template and instructions on my blog for readers to follow
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I hope you have enjoyed these projects - and please keep your fingers crossed for me!
Lowri :-)

Kitchen Cardset (Kaisercraft - Nan's Favourites)

Hi Everyone - hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

I am pretty excited about my post today! I love to make these fun cardsets, but I had never made one using Kaisercraft products before. When I saw the Nan's Favourites collection I thought it would work great with the Kraft cardstock I use for the cards and folders.

This line is very versatile and with this project I really wanted to bring out the fabulously "Kitschy" 1950's feel that a few of the papers have. It's just FUN!

The inside of the folder has 2 sections. 
On the left are a couple of little notebooks I covered with the glossy paper from the 6.5"x6.5" pad and a couple of chipboard pieces.

On the right you can see the little cards I made using plain Kraft cardstock, some papers and elements from the 6.5x6.5 pad, a few of the die cuts and some chipboard pieces

The Wooden Flourishes are some of my favourite embellishments from Kaisercraft and I am always trying to find ways to incorporate them into my projects. Here I have just used them as simple decoration on the spine of my booklet - both inside and out.

For the front cover I have used a piece of the Cookie Dough paper along with the "extra bit" border that comes with all the Kaisercraft papers now! A couple of layers of along with an element from the Lemon Slice paper and this fabulous Chipboard Oven -and it is all complete.

Here are a few close-ups of the details. This line is just fun, fun, fun!
Catch you next time - Lowri :-)

A Special Project - 70th Birthday Album

Hi Everyone - This project has been on my "started but MUST finish" list for about 2 months and I finally got around to it! It's an album for my Father-in-Law - he turned 70 in March and I love him to bits!

The front of the album has a Kaisercraft Wooden Flourish (
Elm Tree) and elements from the Secret Bird Society collection including a journal tag I printed onto.

I applied some white ink to the flourish and then stamped over with a text stamp to try and get a whole family, story, nature feel!

I have used 2 of my favorite Kaisercraft collections from last year in this album - Up, Up and Away and Secret Bird Society. Both collections had a lot of lovely detail in their papers and their soft muted colors were a perfect match.  Rob has spent his whole life outdoors and the Secret Bird Society collection offered a subtle and classic option for this album.

I was very kindly lent some of his old photo albums and I scanned in the photos I wanted to use. I decided to make all the pictures black and white - even the modern ones that were taken in colour and I think the effect works really well.  

I wanted this to be an album that Rob could have in own input into so each page has a blank journaling spot for him to write his own memory. I have only known him the last 10 years and given that this is a record of his life - he should be writing the story!

Inside the front cover I have attached a little pocket (from the Kaisercraft Class of '87 Collection) covered with paper and put in it a collection of decorated blank journal tags. I thought it would be nice if he asked special people who looked at the pictures to write their own little note that would be kept with the album. The tag I made and it has my personal message written on the back :-)

Projects like this which are very personal are always time consuming - but I loved making this album and I know Rob will really enjoy it - and to me, that's what this whole scrapbooking thing is all about!

Lowri :-)

Springtime Cupcakes, Flowers and Gratuitous Photographs!

Hi Everyone

Some gratuitous photos today - but how can you go wrong with some Springtime Cupcakes and Cosmo Cricket!!

I have really been trying to improve on my photography and having seen a few manufacturers request submissions with projects photographed on a white background - I decided to give it a go.

I have made the cupcake toppers and flowers using the Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety collection. These flowers are super simple to make - why not check out the tutorial on how to make them here!

You can see my tutorial on how to make the embossed icing on top of the cupcakes here.

I really think these photos are WAY over-edited but I couldn't figure out how to balance everything right - so now I not ONLY need to work on my photography - but I need to learn more about editing too!

I have taken all of these outside but the light this time of year (approaching winter) is SO different to how it was all summer - so now I need to learn about lighting conditions too!

These pictures show the same flowers against different backgrounds - it's amazing how different they look depending on what is behind them

Same with the cupcakes.  So much to learn and so little time!

Anyway - we have heaps of birthdays coming up in our family - so there might be more cupcakes to come. Check out this post here for a template for the cupcakes plus some ideas for a boys birthday party.

Would love to hear your feedback on the photos PLUS any easy to understand hints on improving my pictures 

Recipe Box (Kaisercraft - Nan's Favourites)

Hi Everyone - writing to you from chilly Marlborough.

Our grape harvest is almost over and the nights are getting COLD with the frost alarms going off every night this week. There's snow on them there hills and the heating is well and truly on!

Today I have a recipe box to show you using the Kaisercraft "Nans Favourites" Collection - which has been MY favorite collection of theirs this year so far.

I have covered the box using the Lemon Slice and Apple Pie papers and lined it using the Cookie Dough and Shortbread papers.  I have used paper-pad, elements and chipboard to decorate as well as one of the Kaisercraft Wood Flourishes in the shape of a weighing scale.

I love these flourishes - they are so versatile but one word of warning - they are delicate too, so take care when you are taking them off the packaging. I have been a little over-enthusiastic in the past and snapped them but you can always just glue them and use them on a card :-)

I thought the chipboard pieces from this collection were really fun - so I decided to use them as tabs for my box.

I gave the pieces of the box a light sanding followed by a coat of paint. Usually I give 3 coats of paint for a matt finish but this time I wanted a slightly worn look so I painted once and then sanded the paint to expose some of the raw wood underneath.

These recipe cards which form part of the collection are GORGEOUS! I scanned one on my computer so I could figure out an easy template to print my recipes onto them. I chose a simple font (Courier) and I am really pleased how these turned out.

Here is a close-up of one of the cards - along with a pic of the finished frittata...

I have heaps of more projects using this collection - so stay tuned to the blog for some more ideas!

Please post a comment if you have any questions!

Lowri :-)

School Projects with Kaisercraft's "Class of '87"

Hi Everyone

We have had a crazy week here in Marlborough - we are in the throes of grape harvest and my eldest son started his school visits... You may remember I posted this little organizer I made for his new desk at home using the Kaisercraft Class of '87 range - well I have a few more projects to share using the same collection..

Alphabet Flash Cards

For these I have simply cut out the individual letters from the "Show and Tell"  paper and laminated each one in an individual pocket, punched a hole and used a book-ring to bind together

The awesome thing about this book is that you can use it for letter teaching AND letter writing as the reverse of each letter has plain lines where you can practice writing with a whiteboard pen!!

Crayon Box

This was just a fun box I put together to hold some crayons I made (you can see tutorial on my blog showing just how easy they are to make here)
Here are a couple of close-ups

Pen Holder
For this project I simply painted the edge of a blank box and covered the side in some of the paper from the 6x6 Paper Pad.

To decorate I have used some of the chipboard pieces, die cuts and stickers.

Money Box
This was a matter of buying a money box from the $2 shop and wrapping some paper around it!!

Here is a picture of all the bits and pieces together!

I still have one project I want to complete using this range - which hopefully will show off the more "retro/vintage"side of the collection.  There are a couple of papers and embellishments which have a real "Enid Blyton" feel to them!

Please post a comment if you have any questions..

Lowri :-)
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