Valentine’s Ideas – 12 Dates Jar & Sweet Treats

Hi Everyone

Note – the Giveaway previously detailed here has now closed. The winner can be seen here.

I hope you are well rested after the Christmas break! This time of year, many crafters turn to Valentine’s Day projects. This weekend, I am re-capping a few ideas from last year – and hope they inspire you to create something for a loved one.

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12 Months of Valentine’s Dates

This post contains complete instructions on how to re-create this project. Every 14th of the month – open a date. You have until the next month to complete it and then you pick another!

Sweet Treats

Find out how some of those ideas you see on Pinterest are not quite as easy as they are made out to be! The kids will love it though.

Post a comment with any questions
Lowri 🙂
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