Valentine’s Ideas – Christmas Leftovers & Ribbon Card

Hi Everyone 

Note – the Giveaway previously detailed here has now closed. The winner can be seen here.

Day 2 of our Valentine’s recap and more ideas to share today. 

I love the first one as it may mean I get to use up some of the Christmas Papers strewn all over my study before I get around to packing them up in March….

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Christmas Leftovers into Valentine’s Treats

This post has a couple more pictures and details on how I created these Valentine’s Treats using leftover Christmas Paper. Many Holiday Collections have red and white prints – so check yours before you pack them away.

Woven Ribbon Heart Card

Find out how I created this card using a home-made woven ribbon heart. I explain the technique I used to hold the ribbon pieces together.

Post a comment with any questions
Lowri 🙂
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