To see a Guide for completing your drawers set – please see this document here.
Please note this is just a guide with measurements for cutting paper and assembling the drawers – not a detailed set of instructions. You can see some examples of completed sets below.

For all PaperVine Frames – use the following guides to quickly cut the background papers to all your frame openings.

Cut the paper to the sizes below, and then glue BEHIND the frame openings for a perfect finish. See tutorial below for additional information

Size Guide for 30 x 30cm Frames

Size Guide for 30 x 20cm Frames

Size Guide for 20 x 20cm Frames

Guide to adding papers to the frame
  1. After cutting, arrange your papers how you would like 
  2. Place a thin line of glue on the face of the paper you want to show, along the very edge 
  3. Place onto the reverse of the frame
  4. When you flip the frame onto the right side – you can check the paper is correctly aligned
  5. Repeat for all the frame openings. Be careful not to overlap the papers on the back
  6. Your frame is ready for decoration!

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