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Folded Paper Flowers & Tutorial!

Hi Everyone This post has been updated in May 2020. Check out our new tutorial below!I made several of these flowers this afternoon. It’s actually surprising how quick they are to make – to give you an idea – I made these in the time it takes for 2 “Dora the Explorers” to play on DVD. For those without kids under the age of 8 – that’s about 50 minutes! It is important to cut squares very precisely for this project. I suggest using some square craft dies if you have a die-cutting machine, or if not – any paper trimmer will do the job. I have listed my favorites below! I strongly suggest you use hot glue for this project. Something else might work in a pinch, but for this type of project, hot glue is the way to go! For these flowers below, I used some old maps I found in a second hand store. The paper was crisp, and beautiful to fold, and it’s lovely to think these flowers give new function to the paper. Once you have finished your flowers, you can easily glue them to a stick or other mount of sorts to create a […]

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